Top 5 Tips for Successful and Effective Blogging


Blogging has become an important part of the “digital landscape” in recent years. It has propelled many businesses forward with its ability to capture people’s attention with a friendly interface and SEO utilization. To be considered an effective blogger, there is much to keep in mind. Here are 5 important ideas to keep in mind while constructing your blog and your blog posts.


As you can see directly above, an intro or leading paragraph is an important part of a good blog post. Think of it as your introductory paragraph, containing a sort of thesis statement, to lead your reader into the bulk of the post. In fact, writer Michael Hyatt believes that with the exception of your blog title, your intro paragraph is the most important piece of your post.


It is important that you are creating original and fresh content for your readers. With the amount of media the average internet user consumes each day, it is not surprising that people get bored easily. The reader will usually be able to quickly recognize copy/pasted, old, or re-hashed ideas. Your audience craves novelty, so make sure to deliver!


People can become easily overwhelmed by lengthy blog posts of more than 600 words. They may load your post, realize its length is too great, and move along to another website without even giving yours a chance.Try to be concise and to-the-point. It is recommended to keep it above at least 350 words, though, otherwise Google or other search engines may not recognize it.


Spammers will stop at nothing to get their message out, and that includes invading the comments sections of highly successful blogs. If you do not remove these posts, not only will it look extremely unprofessional, but visitors will start to question the legitimacy of your site. Look into installing an anti-spam plugin, as individually deleting these posts can be time-consuming.


These two ideas can easily go hand-in-hand. You want to be sure to identify your target audience, and then build the overall look and feel of your blog to be attractive to that audience. For example, if your blog is mainly targeting women interested in cake decorating, you may want to consider the use of light, pastel colors and decorative fonts. If, however, your blog is about effective marketing techniques in relation to paper goods, you may want to keep it more monochromatic and professional. Inclusion of media is also important. Images, videos, links, interactivity of any kind can engage the reader and make the experience more than just reading. Get creative!

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