Top Social Media Plug-ins

There can be no denying that social media is critical to the success of whatever venture you may take online. Social media can really make or break you. It is important that you display to your visitors your continued web presence, your willingness to interact with your followers, and what others are saying about you and/or your business. The following list is compiled to help you in choosing an appropriate social media plugin for your WP site.


This plugin has over 2.2 million downloads and is one of the more popular ones for social media on your site. ShareThis offers social buttons for over 120 (!) different social sites. It allows for a hovering bar, if that’s something you’d like. Be aware though, that this can annoy some users. ShareThis also features some built-in optional widgets that are used for SEO and the tracking of people who visit your site.

Social Media Widget

What I find attractive about this plugin is mainly its versatility. It features many social sites, and is packaged with multiple icon sets. Some of these sets are a little more flashy, which may appeal to some users. It also comes with animation coding for the icons, so when the user hovers her mouse, there is a nice effect. You can select from many different sizes and arrange them however you like, within the widget.

WP to Twitter

Another popular plugin, with over 2.3 million downloads. This plugin will display your latest tweets, or the tweets of any account you choose. This plugin is free but the premium version offers some interesting perks. You can schedule your tweets to publish at a certain time and you can also have users set up their own Twitter account. You can use your post tags interchangeably with the Twitter hashtags, which is not only convenient but also important for Search Engine Optimization.

Add Link to Facebook

This plugin will automatically add your WP posts and pages to your linked Facebook page. You can post Facebook posts from your WordPress site, you can manage comments, and you will also have the standard FB Like and Send buttons. Typically, I will some more trust into any plugin that has more than a million downloads and still is regularly updated. This plugin has 1.7m and offers continual support.

NextGEN Facebook – Advanced Social SEO for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter & More

NextGen has many features, over a million downloads, and it is highly rated on the website. It allows for batch editing of your posts, and offers features for all of the top social media websites. You can essentially optimize your posts for sharing on social sites. It translates hashtags to post tags and vice versa.